At Perlasilk, we believe in creating products for women, by women, using only the finest materials. From the production of our 100% pure Vietnamese mulberry silk in local silk factories, to the work of our dedicated team of artisans and designers, we strive to craft luxurious pieces that complement not just your natural beauty, but also that of the Earth.

We also believe that minimizing our carbon footprint can make an impact. The fashion industry is one of the major environmental polluters, making up for a tenth of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions while consuming massive amounts of water globally. Though change won’t happen overnight, we will do our best to start small and gradually move towards more significant changes. With a commitment to sustainability from the ground up, we source our pure silk from eco-friendly mulberry farms in rural areas of Vietnam, providing jobs to improve the lives of villagers, especially women. Not only are these mulberry trees grown with less water than cotton, but no pesticide is also used to treat the soil, leaving the environment chemical-free. 

The trend of fast fashion only burdens our planet further. We are dedicated toward crafting elegant and timeless designs you can fashion a variety of outfits from, enabling our products to be worn more frequently for longer time. 

From our fabric to the plastic-free, recyclable packaging, we believe in living harmoniously with Nature. Together, we can make the world a better place for the next generation.